Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Frii concept bike

Could some of you our report on INgSOC bike, a bike, which in any case our current diamond frame bike aesthetic challenges, remember. This frii prototype is the same thing does.

I will assume that that the combination of "Ii" in "Frii", as it is pronounced in "Wii's". This would mean that this "free" is pronounced.

It is certainly free of normal bike conventions, but that would be a good thing. Designed by the Bezalel Academy of art and design student Dror, Peleg, Israel, is the light and colourful bike entirely of plastic, which contains the tyres. The plastic tyres assure that they never flat go, and it looks like is all plastic.

The frii looks to me what would happen if crashed a bicycle into a pile of milk crates. If this happened on a cartoon, that is. I'm not certain what happens with the pedals see I pre-accession delivery no good place to your leg.

Some people might also think that a larger version of a child riding plastic toys this bike looks like. It is certainly a good use of plastic and uses a lot of it. Hopefully, they can be recycled to the next generation of drivers.

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