Thursday, August 4, 2011

The CHAP semi-automatic shotgun for multiple Taser shoots

I wonder whether we looking at a future in the COP Tasers instead of weapons use always. If true, then Taser technology need to be much better than they are now.

This is probably why the Australian company metal storm and Taser International have created the chap. I have no idea, what which is an abbreviation for, but what is even more important is what it does: hinausbringend five Taser laps in two seconds.

This means that you can very quickly zap a group of people, and it sounds like it up to its name of life. I have no idea whether they have eliminated these wires I see in Taser guns, but I must say that my only experience with Tasers from movies come.

It reminds me a science fiction book that I read once where these soldiers of the future guns used, the a Flash power to stun an opponent can shoot. By the way, it was a book that I wrote, and that's all I'm going to say, at least until my next book comes out.

I wonder whether I correctly predicted, that the CHAP police and other civilian defenders instead of bullets used. Only time will tell.

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