Friday, August 5, 2011

The concept of the freelance Agency

Most freelancers do not have a permanent Office. They usually work at home or moving places like cafes or places where to get it to work. This freedom is one of the attraction to be freelance. Because thus we cannot easily be saturated work because each day can choose what we want.

But this is sometimes a freelance becomes less productive. The absence of a special for a comfort place and attention to work doing freelance does not achieve maximum productivity. For example, when working from home is a disruption of the family is sometimes time-consuming freelancers. The hypothesis of members of the family which has given us y home sometimes consider freelancers may be requested for this please. We the refuses of heart parents seeking help to buy something outside the House at the time of the heat during the day? If I can't, either with you. Or the temptation to be lazy and to do other things outside of work is a very large House. Mattresses and sofas are very tempting as the Chair of working. TV and games, sometimes more calls compared to Netbeans and Adobe Fireworks to create a Web site. Working at the café also has a limited time, I like much more in the range of own coffee for 4-5 hours or until failure of unibody MacBook because the execution of power. Sometimes visitors consist also interfere with concentration at the point where we were focused. I step as comfortable to leave the laptop and bag yourself to the toilet.

The idea of terpikirlah image above why we do not have offices like the other employees. The Office where we is become boss. The concept is that the existence of a Home Office complete with disetup be furniture office desks, drawer, chairs and computers. Office disetup a kubikel which still give the impression of wide, but the privacy. In a Home Office can be supplied 10 tables used by freelancers, however the freelance is not step to have a relationship to work, although only in a single Office. Therefore, they will be occupied with work, each in its own table without disturbing other freelancers.

This Office will be also equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, internet, Office, water, mineral and refreshing spaces and boy of Office which is prepared to use freelancers. Refresh space where space is able to relax tired workers let go or take off some time for ispirasi. Discount can be equipped with space TV, sofas, coffee or even game consoles such as Playstation or Wii. The freelance remains responsible for their respective work without updating already invoked as the temptation to leave the work of the space.

This concept will help freelancers to improve their productivity because they will be more focused on the job. To minimize disruption, reducing the temptation slothful, 8 hours per day or more of the things that can help freelance to achieve maximum productivity. And the result is more revenue. Isn't freelancers that work with the project system will gain more if he can afford more productive? Unlike employees of the monthly bergajian that works as hard that any amount of monthly fixed salary as it may, perhaps more overtime, which is obviously value does not exceed the monthly salary.

What is the cost? Course for the installation of Office with Office furniture are pleasant and comfortable used computer need the cost is not cheap. However, the cost of the contract homes are not uncommon. For a single table just may be able to approximately 5 million of 3. Yet, his computer could be a value from a range of 4-5 million. So for example to 10 Workbench in the 1st House is probably go to about 100 million of-70. Step counting house rental and operating costs of each month, such as water, electrical, salaried, Office boy and an internet connection. Year of rental house on 15-20juta in Bandung and air power could be about 1, 2juta per month which is on the average of the last year cost about approximately 3-5juta per month. So for 1 room if 1 million by freelancers each month will be able to restore the capital in a year and a half. But in the long term could be without too taking into account investment in computers and furniture about 500-800 000 per each month just for freelancers return on capital for the year to 3 or 4. Furthermore can benefit about 3-6 million per month for 1 room.

If you think that I still have 500-800,000 charges is sufficient to increase my productivity 100% work at home or in cafes. In any event if there are that no obstacle can probably result increased to 100% more. Because if I had to work in the coffee and pay 50 000 per day for 4 to 5 hours of work and dikalkulai 20 working days per month anyway costs also reached 1 million rupiah. Productivity levels step exactly the same but different.

To achieve that this need certainly support investors and freelancers who are ready to be consumers, if they are interested in the concept of the Office of freelancers? If you are a freelancer and interested to work in an Office with the concept as above, please comment so that we can achieve this idea. Thank you.

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