Friday, August 5, 2011

Making comics with web 2.0 applications at

The comic is a story of two-dimensional image usually drawn by hand or using applications such as Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop or other graphics applications. If it is now generally a comic strip drawn from sketsanya in a document first and then scanned and light colors in Adobe Photoshop or similar applications. But never the comic to make instant kepikiran not only within 10 minutes and did not need a sketch or a graphics application. Simply click, drag, and type the text so much comic deh. that make web 2.0 applications based on Adobe Flash that allows us to make comic books instantly. As a fairly interesting and makes it easy for us comic. Persons who are not familiar with the world of the comic strip is also easily understand how to use this application. Here's how to create comic books with pixton.comapplication:

  1. To begin with, we are given the choice if you want to create comic books from the template or make from scratch. It is easier to make comic books of the templete, because we had to modify the comic models that have been there. We just choose a template which is roughly similar to our history. But when the model history it is not similar or we want to make from scratch and choose the method which will be a comic from the beginning.
  2. The concept of creation of zero is very simple. We will make the comic strip scene after scene. Scene is an image that is part of our history. To launch the first, we choose a background. We can choose a diversified experience as our history as a backdrop in the room, background in the Park, in the Office, in the living room and another.
  3. Next up is the entry, the or the characters. There are two basic characters available are human beings humans and animals. For humans, we can choose humans who usually default to the standard form of human. But if we can change the character of the desires of the man. For example, to turn it into a woman by modifying just the headgear, the shape of the body and other. We can also add accessories such as hats, sunglasses, shoes and other.
  4. After the character, we can choose the style of the organization or the position of the character. If seated, standing, running, sleeping and other positions.
  5. We can also add other objects to add the details of our comic strip.
  6. The latter is the input text. There are 3 types of text i.e. text that indicates the character we are talking about, thinking, and a brief description of the comic strip. As regular shape is a circle of band comic, or bubble.

Here is an example of the comic strip made pixton.comme in

tersesat di jakarta

It is more clearly please click on the image above. Your creativity to work and to create the live work today with ease to the comic, and the history is unique and interesting. You can view other comic works on the web user pixton pixton. Good luck


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