Friday, August 5, 2011

The references, lectures and tutorials for Web developers and Web site designers

Every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee and google Reader. Google Reader is an application for the RSS reader of Web sites that we have selected before. Web sites and blogs that I read daily aggregate of primarily contains information on the web and technology. In addition to keeping track of technological world and the web, these readings are also a source of skills up to date on web development. Blogs and Web sites, I have read that I can learn different techniques of web development and the tendency to the increase in development.

Here are a few websites that I aggregate in my Google Reader that you can make the references, further reading and tutorials to develop your skills in web development.

  1. smashing Magazine, one of my blogs favourite interesting links always collect and best that contains technical references and various other useful information for web development. One of the most sought after is a theme free WordPress, free icons, references to web design, fonts, tutorials and a collection of other useful information to develop your skills.
  2. Sitepoint, the Web site contains many articles, tutorials, and reference book is very interesting and useful for the development of skills in web development.
  3. WebAppers, a Web site that attracts a lot of information for developers web and web designers icon free library, by example, new, exciting site and a variety of information on the world wide web.
  4. Nettuts, contains tutorials on web design and web development. There are also some interviews practitioners of the world web that his experience could be useful for web practitioners. In addition to the Nettuts also gives the information resource for practitioners of the web as the theme, the book is mandatory and other
  5. WebMongkey, divided the content into 3 categories: tutorials, articles and program code. Very useful to help increase your knowledge in the world of web development.
  6. ReadWriteWeb, a blog always give information about the update of the global web. I usually watch reviews of the latest web application in this blog. So we can follow the trend of web applications on the internet.
  7. Ajaxian, frequently updated blog about web programming. This summarizes the type of web information that exists on the internet.
  8. TechCrunch, a blog that provides information on the business on the internet. In this blog, we can find the information that companies that exist on the internet and its development.
  9. Mashable, blogs are always giving new updates and information on the world of the internet include internet, web applications, programming, online marketing and business.

Course, there are still many other resources, but the list above can be a source of information for the stage you start web geek. If someone wants to add comment here on ya. Thank you.

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