Saturday, August 6, 2011

Face to the customer who was also a friend

Yesterday a friend told me how she came to headaches designer to the clientnya who is also his friend. His friend might gaptek and less understanding of web design. For the layman of clientnya, it is sticky, full color, animation and web mode is the first criteria of web time. Prototype web design mode created by my friends who want to change and make it more "alive". One of my friends let his friend dizzy explains how can we understand that the final result will be not good.

Finally my friend decided to follow the kemauannya and the word client also friend mengiyakan. He said he would soon be combinations of design and again with a new design client. It is confusing and I was asked to amend its pleadings? What should I do? It seems to me it is what it should do to treat this type of client who is also a close friend of him:

  1. Professional, work and friends may be, cannot be too mixed. But it is not that the friendship factor should be forgotten. Not because that our friendship factors result in workers being tormented that work with paid a disproportionate effort.
  2. Unequivocally, the system of work and the scope of work should be defined from the outset. With paid then we will give you results with varying coverage. From the beginning, we suggest that the client describes that the system of work for example create us the design needs of the it and have the right to make changes to the Mayor three times, with minor changes might be able to do as much as 5 times. And to pay all it we can only make web design without flash animation and the scope of the work of others. With the clarity of the system of work and the scope of the work and planned work can be completed in time.
  3. We should be able to explain why we create design like that. Review database selection of colour and other factors should be described so that it includes. Even if for example he does not understand our explanation at least we have delivered our obligations.
  4. When a client asks for changes in the mess that we are not in accordance with the aesthetics and perhaps the result is not good that we should insist that all the changes required in case of revision. When the number of revisions or modifications exceeded the development costs will also increase.
  5. The customer must understand that any execution and change do not require effort, time and other resources of the American. If a good friend will surely understand our tribulation as a freelancer.

It is my opinion that can be done for the client who is also a friend. Professionalism and friendship is difficult to implement. Sometimes many friendships of contention because of work. A good friend will certainly understand the work of his friend dilakoni.

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