Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trellis Desk, help desk and technical support web application

In large companies where there are dozens or more then absolutely necessary employees Office help or technical support that handles certain parts. A manual system where support requests by telephone and then indicated on the form will add to the workload of the Division of technical support. Required applications are able to work automation technical support section to receive requests and search for the most popular or technical support with technical support. The application is good enough trelis Desk e.g. Accord5.


Trelis Desk has a pretty full as a help desk application that can help to facilitate the work of the technical support. Here are some of the applications featured Trelis Desk:

  • Distribution of tickets based on Department
    Trelis Desk multi departement featureWith this feature then all the Department may receive applications for support and not closed for part of it. For example the Department of Supply Chain Management that address the issue of the inventory of the goods and the movement of goods can use the application to manage the demand for goods of the Department or the other branch.
  • Priority tickets
    Tickets can be created and priorities if the ticket is important or poor. Thus receiving tickets can support with precision according to priority.
  • Transfer of tickets
    Tickets can be redirected to specific staff so that tickets can be handled by the staff and responsible for the completion of this note.
  • Definition of group permissions
    This application has access level are divided according to the group, which has a level of security of a good use
  • Notes RSS
    We easily create RSS feeds on a ticket which has become our responsibility. Thus, we simply check if there are new tickets aimed at us fast.
  • Multi language
    By default, this has the appearance of the application with the United Kingdom. However, we can easily translate the application into another language, we want to. Simply fill in the translation of phrases are used in the application.
  • Knowledge Base
    Trelis Desk knowledge base featureHave a basic knowledge or the integrated knowledge base. This makes it easy for us in the search for a settlement before entering stage of tickets. The star gave advice solutions available until we enter the ticket will help to increase the work efficiency because it reduces frekuasi in dealing with the same problem.

Features that are fairly complete as an application of Office help makes Trelis reliable Desk assistance in your diperusahaan desktop applications. And the cost of completeness featured issued is zero free alias. Then why are not you seeks to implement this application in your company.


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