Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tips for starting a career as a freelancer

I started my career as a freelance full-time about about 1 year ago. The result could probably enough for my efforts. Basically I am not very actively in the research project and sometimes in a month were occupied in personal projects. But I begin quite soon to be freelancers make me satisfied because in a month, I got a customer there is even a fairly faithful. I therefore want to share my tips to begin a freelance career. Here are my tips.

  1. Before departure, there are certain criteria that you must complete in order to facilitate your career as a freelancer. Not an absolute but very influential requirement will advance your career freelancers. These terms are the following:
    • Mastery of the language of the United Kingdom, read at least write. Otherwise you would find it difficult to communicate with your client.
    • Have enough skills to compete with other freelancers. You must have a capacity that can be invoked prior to entry into the world of freelancers because when you let customers and then it will have an impact on your reputation on.
    • Access to the Internet that is slowly because of all the work and communication through the internet it is nearly that some of these requirements must be met.
    • Owners of website as your portfolio and clients with easy to know who you are. Not absolute, but it is useful to reassure the client that you are the person sought.
  2. Register on the site of the provider of the project. List of web sites that may try to look at my previous writings "Website for creative freelancers". To begin with, I suggest using (GAF) since many small projects that you can try to follow. In addition to the ga ribet should test, to make proposals, and other procedures which are widely used in other Web sites are also not too restricting freelancers GAF following tendering projects. Unlike other Web sites that limit the amount of participation in the project solicitation for your free account. For more opportunities to participate in bidding you must pay the dollar to other Web sites.
  3. After registering, please find the project you want to follow. Here are some tips for the selection of projects:
    • Select the project, you must be completed. If you need to do some research first before you follow the citation.
    • Be greedy and join instantly call for tenders on the value of the projects. Start with a small project to collect reviews and feedback from the client as much as possible.
    • Read in detail the project requirement and make sure that you understand what is desired by the owner of the project.
    • If you choose a specialist, for example, you are a specialist WordPress, Drupal, or any other CMS. So you comments in function of your specialists and more convincing other clients when you bid on similar projects that you worked on before.
  4. After the project is selected, it is time to convince your client to your opt in his work on the project. How could such as follows:
    • Briefly introduce yourself and your abilities.
    • Ensure the client that you understand what your customers want.
    • Give suggestions or ideas that can make the client project, so much the better.
    • Show me what ever created previously, you must show your works are roughly similar to your project.
  5. When your customers want and respond to your message. Don't waste the opportunity. East of persuasion and convince the client that you will not disappoint the client. But make sure that the requirement, the procedures of processing, and payment was obvious before you deal with your customers.
  6. Congratulations, you have chosen to work on this project. When email notifications have been up to in your Inbox, you should immediately prepare everything to start your project. You could use some collaborative tools to facilitate communication with your customers.
  7. During work on the project, ensure that your customers know that you are working on. A minimum of 3 days, once that you provide reports to your clients. For more more often the best, misalya once a day.
  8. Asking for review and comments of your clients for the project, you are working on. For example, to complete the look, ask his comments so that when there are changes do not need to make massive changes when do so you at the end of the project.
  9. Make sure that the request of the client during the treatment is not off the coast of the mark of the project the project requirement. If only minor changes, then you can just fill it, but when the big changes include perhaps you can suggest changes to the cost of the project budget.
  10. Make sure that your customers are satisfied with your work by projects on time and in accordance with the requirement of the project. Because it is likely your client asks you to another job, if he is satisfied with your work.

These tips to start your freelance career. Because of the likely when you start not well and you feel failure with freelance, then you can just traumatized and do not want to do it again. While such failure might not because of your disability, but only because kekurangtauan you how to get started with the two. Good luck.

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