Saturday, August 6, 2011

Internet Explorer 6 PNG Fix Best

I believe that the PNG fix for internet explorer 6 is not new news again when internet explorer 6 is a nightmare for any web designer. Does not support PNG tranparansi on IE 6 and IE 7 support is limited to making drive with Kudu web designer extra caution in making the design of web sites to be included on all browsers.

After trying various hack that eats abandon me the options in the script that I can The benefits that are not through some other script PNG hack is transparency in the background. Several other scripts that have the same functionality is mostly unable to resolve the issue of transparency in the background. But this script do perfectly.

How to use it is also very easy. Sufficient to include a javascript script of the page that we want to set and call the function that will improve the context and the image on the DOM element that we want. This could be the code

 < script src = "dd_belatedpng.js" > < / script > < script > dd_belatedpng.fix('.png_bg'); ≪/script > 

The code above will be executed only when the browser is detected as Internet Explorer 6. We can include parameters in the function of the correction is similar to the format of the CSS selector as the example above would do the repair on the element with the CSS class to. png_bg.

I think that the solution to the problem of transparency PNG in Internet Explorer is not a problem more for the web designer create web sites that have the same aspect in all browsers. Good luck.

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